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Seth’s Ride across the USA

I am the local franchise owner of nine Domino’s Pizza stores in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This Spring and Summer I am riding my bicycle across the USA and raising money to help St. Jude Children’s Hospital. There are other reasons I am on this journey. I began cycling seriously about 6 years ago and quickly found that it was something I loved to do. The activity has not only helped me lose weight, but also cured my diabetes. So I ride to help St. Jude and I ride for my health. During the ride I will turn 50 and reach my 30th year with Domino’s Pizza. As I celebrate those milestones, I am grateful for this opportunity to give back to the community and excited for the journey of a lifetime.

My ride will start on 5/1/2014

What’s New


July 21, 2014 continued

I camped in the city park in Craigmont. Three nights in a row of camping and all free spots. My goal at this point is to camp as little as possible, but at least i showed that I can do it if necessary. It was not clear if camping was allowed in the park so more »


July 21, 2014

I found more fruit yesterday. These cherries were on one of several loaded trees in a grove just before my climb. I picked a whole bag full from the side of the tree on the road side of the barbed wire fence. At least I thought they were cherries but as I ate a handful more »


July 20, 2014 continued

Today I had planned to end up at Kamiah but since I went extra yesterday, that was only 8 miles away. So I made the climb up to a high plateau a day early. It was a tiring 2,000 foot ascent initially and then about another 800 feet to the top most parts. I was more »


July 20, 2014 continued

At the top of Lolo Pass I met Stu from BC, Canada. He is a chef who used to work in hotel/resort kitchens but is currently working in remote camps in the Canadian oil fields for the better pay. We camped together, along with other cyclists, at Lochsa Lodge where we could camp free next more »


July 20, 2014

Today was berry day. For the first time on the ride I came across wild berries. First I found just a couple raspberries. Next I found what I think were huckleberries. They are pictured here, so identify them if you can. The last berry I found is similar to a raspberry except they are a little more »


July 18, 2014 continued

I’m in Idaho … and that is no small potatoes.


July 18, 2014

On the way up to Lolo Pass I came across two Londoners riding these unusual hikes. They are made by Bike Friday in Oregon. The bikes can be disassembled and put in the trailer box to be shipped home. They have toured for many years using Bike Friday bikes. For this trip they brought their old more »


July 17, 2014

After two days off to enjoy Missoula, I head out tomorrow to climb Lolo Pass and enter Idaho. I have been hosted by Ethel and her dog Lela. Ethel is a Warmshowers host and she also is a guest when she tours in the US and Europe. The whole time I have been in town, more »


July 16, 2014

I camped in Ovando last night. The town shows as population 71 on my map but they are cycling-friendly and let you camp for free on the museum lawn or, for a $5 donation, you can sleep in an old-time restored jail, or a teepee, or a recreated chuck wagon. I put my bike in the more »


July 14, 2014 continued

After I crossed the mountain I turned west and picked up a tailwind. I was ahead of schedule so I decided to go on to Ovando 25 miles ahead. On the way out of Lincoln I stopped at an outlet shop for a local jerky plant. As I continued to Ovando I realized that I more »

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